How to Edit User’s Preferences and Settings in Python

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If your spyder or anaconda python looks like blank, then you are probably missing the ipython console, editor, and the file explorer section.


Here are the steps to get the Preferences and Settings fixed.

1.)This is a blank spyder without any console or pane

python users' preference - blank


2.)On the top menu bar Goto View > Panes >


  • Editor
  • iPython Console
  • Variable Explorer
  • Help
  • File Explorer

python users' preference - checked


3.) This is how it should look like after the above is checked

python users' preference - checked


Once you have that settings done, your Spyder Python should look like the picture above.

Here is a quick summary about each sections in the Spyder Python.

  • The section on the LEFT is the “Editor” section. It is where we input our codes, where we program the machine learning project.


  • The section on the TOP RIGHT is the “Variable Explorer”  or the “File Explorer” or the “HELP” section. You can see a blue tab underneath that section, where you can switch between Variable Explorer, File Explorer and Help.
    • “Variable Explorer”: Very important section. This is where we can check the variable values. It will display all your variables in the project.
    • “File Explorer” :You can find the folders and files you need in the File explorer section. Find and Double click any python files, and you can see the python code in editor section.
    • “Help” : If you are not sure on how to use some of the functions or libraries. You can search for help files in the help section.


  • The section on the BOTTOM RIGHTis the “iPython Console”. Don’t worry if you do not understand what it means now, its where we find the outputs. We find the results, the graphs, and the outputs in this section.


If you would like to change to text color settings of Python, here is how.

How to Change Text Color and Background Color in Python Editor 

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