How to Install Python on Mac and PC

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Python is one of the most popular computer language in silicon valley in recent years. Python is famous for its easy-to-read property. It can express complex ideas with just couple of lines. Many apps or softwares we use are actually written in Python.


Don’t worry if you do not have much programming experiences. STEPHACKING is going to show you how to use Python steps by steps with screens captured. Plus, there is a huge online community about Python, if you have encountered problems or errors, I am sure that you can find solutions with google in seconds. You can also leave comments on STEPHACKING too. We will answer you questions as soon as possible


We will be using Python to show you how to do machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligent. Since Python is so popular, Python has one of the largest libraries and community on machine learning topics. We will be using libraries developed by Google Deepmind, Tensorflow and Sonnet. We will also use some of the most famous tools in the industry such as the Pytorch, Keras, and scikit-learn.


Before we jump into the deep learning or artificial intelligent topics, we need to have Python installed first.


The following steps are walk through on how to install Python. We are going to use Anaconda Python. It will be pretty much the same for PC users or MAC users.



Steps to Install Python (Anaconda) for PC and MAC


1.) Open internet browser and search “Anaconda Python” in google


Google Anaconda Python

2.) The first result should be the official site of Anaconda Python.


How to Install Python - Anaconda Official Site
Anaconda Official Site


3.) Scroll down and you will see a tab for Window and a tab for Mac


For Window users
Download Python 3.6 version 64bit Installer (Green Button)

How to install python - download

For Mac users
Download 3.6 version Graphical Installer (Green Button)

how to install python - mac download

4.)Once the download is completed. Install the package

how to install python- installing

5.) Once you have it installed. Open “Anaconda Navigator”

how to install python - open anaconda navigator

6.) Find “Spyder” and click “Launch”

how to install python - launch spyder

7.) Here is how Python in Anaconda looks like

how to install python - installed


Python is installed and we are now ready to start!


If your Python does not look like the picture above, here is how to change the users’ preferences and settings.


Beside that, lets go to the next step ! Importing & Installing Machine Learning and Deep Learning libraries to Python.

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